Our Mission

To provide a quality support service to people with a disability and their carers

to ensure that this service enhances the quality of life for all who access it.

Our Values


Confronted by clients’ distress and needs, the service response is compassion-based, action-oriented, and grounded in practice wisdom and research.


The service believes in the intrinsic dignity and worth of every client, and their rights to feel safe, valued and respected.


The service values everyone as they are, and for their capacity to make a positive contribution to their family and community.


The service will maintain a focus on continual learning, through reflection, training, feedback and consultation, and seeks to be innovative, creative and flexible to develop a service which makes a real difference.


The service will uphold ethical practices based on established values of being fair, just, nonpartisan, trustworthy, transparent and honest in our dealings with clients, and stewardship of resources.