Our Day Services enhance the independence and quality of life of people with a disability and their carers. Our focus is on the empowerment of the individual through respecting decisions and choice making, promoting dignity, developing skills, encouraging independence, integration into the community and respecting the rights and roles of all human beings.


Independent Living Skills –  Developed to increase, maintain and enhance daily living skills and develop a greater level of independence within all aspects of life.
Community Access – Includes a range of recreational and social activities; and integration and participation within the wider community.
Gardening – Designed to encourage physical participation, sensory activities and practical knowledge of gardening for food and fun.
Work Experience – Individuals participate in work experience placements within the greater community. This assists with skill building, developing basic work ethics, work skills and socialisation.
Sensory Programs – Designed to assist individuals who have high and complex support needs. It encourages language development, cognitive stimulation and awareness and identification of the environment and its surroundings.
Peer and Social Networking/ Community Inclusion – Activities designed to assist individuals to engage meaningfully with socially valued activities in the community


  • Accommodation Services
  • Transition Accommodation Services
  • Respite Services
  • Case Management
  • Advocacy
  • Information and Referrals