Last week, Ability Care unveiled a new brand strategy and visual identity, that not only better encapsulates who we are and why we exist and but will make it easier for us to explain the positive impact we have in our community.
As you can see; our logo, a visual representation of reaching and achieving potential, has changed significantly.

It is important to know that our mission, vision and values remain the same. In fact, they are more important than ever and can be reflected in our new tagline ‘We give but never give up’.  This is a brand promise that Ability Care has always adhered to and will continue to do so each and every day.  It is the promise we make to our clients, our funding bodies, the community and to ourselves.
The new branding helps us do a better job of telling our story, explaining the depth of our services and most importantly it will help strengthen the voice behind the way we continue to advocate for our clients and their families.
Ability Care is in fact part of a family of organisations that for more than 30 years have been working to support and enhance the quality of life of many Australians.
This family of organisations is called the Community Services Group as visually represented below.

As you can see the Community Services Group brings together the following organisations:

  • Ability Care (Disability Services)
  • Foundations Care (Relationship, Therapeutic Services and Out-of-Home Care)
  • Flexible Living (Elderly Support and Volunteering Services)
  • Community Services Australia (Business consultancy for community based organisations, Family Relationship Centre)

Ability Care has always worked in conjunction with these other organisations, the difference now is the new branding allows us to more clearly communicate and represent who we are as a family of organisations; and with a brand promise of ‘We give but never give up,’ our clients can feel assured that as always they are in good hands.
We thank you in advance for your patience during the transition phase of our new branding and apologise in advance for any initial confusion this may cause. We invite you to visit our new website and look forward to the strength this new brand will give to our voice as we continue to support and advocate for our clients now and into the future.