Admittedly as a sector we must applaud Premier Campbell Newman’s announcement of major increases in funding for the disability sector which will see a $1.77 billion  contribution by 2018-2019 but I just want to  take this opportunity to heed caution amid findings obtained from our recent visit to the United Kingdom.
We knew that as part of our own preparations for the NDIS we needed to visit the UK and discover for ourselves the results of a very similar scheme implemented there several years ago.
While increases in funding is definitely a step in the right direction,  our recent visit to the UK uncovered a myriad of issues that have led to a system worse off than it was prior to the implementation of their scheme and we shouldn’t let announcements of increased funding let us sit on our laurels when it comes to preparedness.
We are currently in the process of developing a white paper that will outline our findings and potentially help the sector with their preparedness.
The QLD NDIS planning and Implementation group, scheduled to convene in late January 2013 will provide the perfect platform for sector readiness and we look forward to providing the group with further insight into what was discovered during our visit to the UK.
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